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Hellooooo out there [Nov. 8th, 2010|01:38 pm]
Anyone here anymore?
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Caffiene Me [Jan. 4th, 2010|02:08 pm]
Holy crap it's been years since I updated. Still not as long as it's been since I last logged into myspace. My, how times change.

In fact, as of this morning I'm an aunt for the first time. My brother Mike & his wife Allison had their first baby, Savannah, who I hear is perfect & adorable. My sister & I are her only aunts, which I find crazy because I have 6 aunts & uncles, not including all of the people we call "aunt" or "uncle" who aren't related to us at all. Tomorrow I think I'll be making a hooded towel for her on the sewing machine that Rob bought for me for Christmas.

Anyway, it's the first day back to work after holiday break. I wasn't dreading it too much until I got here and sat through our staff meeting, which was really more of a super depressing speech that our ED gave explaining that we basically can't have any vacation time this year, after I gave up taking a vacation in 09 because SOMEONE HAD TO BE HERE TO ANSWER THE PHONES (which never rang) while everyone else was busy taking their own vacations. However, the best part about being me is that if it really gets ridiculous & I really need a break that I'm not allowed I can just quit. Haha. Nobody is going to get between me & Costa Rica.

Rob & I just celebrated our 2 year anniversary. By "celebrated" I basically mean that we "spent several days + nights in bed" which isn't the glamorous date we had talked about, but considering the holidays & the weather, in bed with the bf is pretty much the happiest place on earth. I think about other people I've dated for 2+ years and this relationship is BY FAR the easiest, most natural thing ever, in comparison. I even got him to dance with me (he doesn't dance) for several hours without even asking him to on NYE! So exciting!!

So them's the haps. Love y'all and have a great 2010.
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Website Overhaul [Oct. 6th, 2009|04:31 pm]
About a week ago I was asked by my boss (at the same job I've been at for 4 years that was originally supposed to be a summer internship) to stay on through another winter so I could be in charge of our huge website redesign.

I'm currently working on the site plan. If it weren't for my recent realization that I'm an organized motherfucker I would probably be knee-deep in shit by now. I mean, to really understand you'd have to see our old website, which is this piece of junk. It's ugly, hard to navigate & barely has enough useful information on it to justify paying for the domain. We decided that it's a huge money pit as it is and doesn't do a single thing to make our lives easier.

The new website will be 100% more functional. It's going to actually be a place to send people for information & to conduct real business. We'll have a member section for people to pay their fees, watch videos, read our blog, read their packets that we normally mail and so on. Basically it'll be a way to take the pressure of answering basic questions and distributing information to our members & our art fair patrons. You know, like most normal websites that aren't giant embarrassments.

With that said, I am absolutely terrified. Excited, but terrified all the same.

We'll have someone else build the actual thing, but I'm completely overwhelmed with possibilities. There is so much information to pack into it & I just don't think that people's brains always work like mine. Basically I'm worried that the site map won't make as much sense to me as it does to everyone else. It needs to be completely idiot proof.

Sooooooooo feel free to send me your favorite websites, examples of sites that cater to several different audiences at once, sites that are packed with info but easy to navigate... any of that. Also, if you know of any freeware that allows you to record what's happening on your desktop & saves it as a video that would be awesome. This thing is going to have to be saturated with tutorials if we ever want any artists to use it.

If this thing turns out well it could easily become one of my top 3 career accomplishments thus far. If it doesn't, I'm changing my name & moving away under the cover of darkness. I'll keep you posted.
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Ducks with Boots [Sep. 26th, 2009|12:37 pm]

It's not that I couldn't just order both (free shipping) and return one pair when I decide which ones I want to keep (free returns) and they're the same price so it really should come down to how they look  & feel anyway...

It's just that I don't trust myself to not keep both. I'm concerned that I'm going to try them on and STILL not be able to decide, then deciding that BOTH only cost under $200 so it's really not that big of a deal because that's a great price for even one pair of boots, then I'll suddenly turn into my grandmother, hiding one pair away so Rob won't realize what I'm up to, but never actually wearing them for fear of being accused of being ridiculous for buying crap that I really don't need & eventually squirreling away a veritable room full of unused merchandise dating back decades because I CAN'T PASS UP A GOOD DEAL! I see it in my mother, too. It's taking me a massive amount of internal dialogue every so often to keep the symptoms from creeping up on me. I might need an intervention by the time I reach menopause.

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House Tour [Sep. 2nd, 2009|03:03 pm]
I've been living with Rob for about a week now. So far? Loving it.

Sure we were a little snippy with each other at first, but I think that had more to do with the stress of our schedules and the general burden of moving than not getting along. We're back to not being able to leave the house because we're enjoying being in it alone while Alan & Reggie are in Chicago for 10 days.

I think I've said this before, but it bears saying again: I like this place more when it's full of my things. It actually feels like home now and I'm finally not picturing my old apartment when I imagine myself driving "home" from somewhere. It has lost its student housing look with the removal of the old roommate's furniture and actually looks like a home that real adult people live in. I can't wait until we pick up the art from my house and get that situated. The conversation of the week has been where to put Rob's giant lightbox that says "BULLSHIT" in huge red block letters.

Here are a few shots of the areas that are pretty much unpacked and settled in. More to come once the rest of the smoke clears.

Pictures this way...Collapse )
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Mommy Dearest [Aug. 12th, 2009|07:28 pm]
I think that after all of this time I've finally realized why phone conversations with my mother are so painful.  Usually I'll get intermittent (every other day maybe) calls from her in the evening or later afternoon with some information about something, family business, work business, things like that.  Those are usually strenuous but I feel that way about most family situations.  Those aren't too bad.

It's the almost daily early morning work conversations.  She calls between 10 and 2 with the mid-day brain burnout and those are the WORST.  It never fails that she has absolutely no agenda and I can sort of hear in her voice that she's searching for things to say, so she asks some random questions (often things we have already talked about in earlier conversations) that never seem to have a purpose.  So it goes like this...

Mom: So... are you at work?
Me: Yep
Mom: Are you... working?
Me: Of course I'm working, I'm at work.
Mom: How's your head?
Me: Not great today.
Mom: That sucks... Is Reggie* there?
Me: Yep, Reggie is always here when we're working.
Mom: Have you talked to your sister?
Me: When?
Mom: You know, recently.
Me: Well yeah, I've talked to here recently.
Mom: How recently?
Me: I don't know, a few days ago.  Why?
Mom: Oh... just wondering.  Was it a few days ago or like 5?

*Reggie is Alan's dog.  He comes to work with us every day.

On the rare occasions when things don't escalate into an argument over nothing I'll either politely bow out of the conversation or she'll suddenly remember something that's going on in her life that I absolutely must hear every detail about, so once I'm good and grumpy I'll get to face the adventure that is trying to keep track of one of her stories.  If I'm lucky I'll hear the story from a couple of days ago again, only to find out that there are no new developments and I just heard a 10 minute story about her work for the second time.  This is only going to get worse as we both go senile.

Part of me feels bad that I can't just suffer through it for 20 minutes a day, but the other part of me feels like if she would just get the hint and stop feeling obligated to call me daily (especially in the morning when I'm grumpy anyway) even when there's no reason we might have more pleasant conversations.
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Cohabitation Approaches [Aug. 5th, 2009|03:55 pm]
I hate getting ready to move.  On one hand I'm sort of nervous about the situation.  Not that living with Rob and Alan is going to be bad or anything, I'm just not exactly looking forward to this dorm-style living situation that's going to happen.  Rob's house is missing some of the usual things that I like to have in order to feel at home in a place (carpet, garbage disposal, heat in the upstairs bedroom we'll be in, more than 1 bathroom, locks on that 1 bathroom door, air conditioning, etc) and Rob & I will both be crammed into his very oddly shaped attic bedroom with all of our things piled in it which is going to make me twitch constantly for lack of places to put things away.  I keep telling myself that it's only temporary (6 months) and it'll be worth it to not have Rob & I paying to live separately when we spend every spare minute together.  I hate packing a bag every other night to go stay with him almost as much as I hate the idea of sharing his shitty not heated attic bedroom.

This situation has me all full of nerves.  I don't love my apartment, but I like having my own bathroom and not having to shuffle cars in the driveway.  I like not having to navigate series of uncomfortably shallow stairs all day at home.  I like that my place hasn't been broken into since I've been there (Rob's has been).  I like sleeping in my bed, which is going to become the guest bed until I can convince him to switch them.  I like being super close to I-94, US-23 and the big shopping mecca that is Carpenter Road.  I like that my friends just drop in casually because I'm on the way to & from everything.

On the other hand, I'm so antsy.  I've already got a couple of boxes packed and every day I ask Rob "when are we moving my stuff?" even though his roommates aren't completely out of his house yet and my lease doesn't end until September 15.  As much as I don't want to leave my apartment, if I'm going to do it I want to do it fast, right now, like tearing off a band-aid.  Get it over with.  Get me out of there so I can spend the next 6 months settling into my new place just to pack it up and move again.  Mostly get me out of there so I can get on with buying a house and making it a place that really does feel like home again.
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Passive Aggressive Job Applications [Jul. 25th, 2009|11:18 am]
I'm applying to a job that I know I won't get, with the sole purpose of pissing off the people who are in charge of filling the position.  I'm perfectly qualified yet their board of directors would never approve me.  Nobody else finds this as amusing as I do, but I'm ok with that.
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mmm pizza [Jun. 19th, 2009|12:38 pm]
I'm watching A&E's Intervention marathon-style on DVR and actually getting some work done (the beauty of working from home) today.

As much as I love this show I HATE watching the episodes about anorexia.  After 25 years of being built this way, it still hurts to see these girls who are so sick and to watch their families cry and go on about how horrifying they look when I know that they look just like me.  They flash their height and weight across the screen like it's supposed to be shocking and I only weigh 9 lbs more than the twin on this particular episode who is as tall as I am.  I'm sitting here with half of a pizza & candy wrappers sort of scattered around on the coffee table in front of me but all I can think about is how people out there in the wold can't see this and assume that I'm like them.

Being misunderstood is so tiring.
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Early Season Burn Out [Jun. 2nd, 2009|12:59 pm]
HOLY CRAP why am I so irritable today?  I think it's the cold weather (which is also my excuse for not getting lunch yet, and may be contributing to my sour mood a bit) and It's Blitz by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is the only thing keeping me from storming out of the office & getting back in bed for the rest of the day.

I think my lack of weekend (mine was spent working again) is the culprit.  I'm burnt out.  Already.  My busy season only started a month ago and won't end until at least November.  Scary thought.

Let's hope that some lunch & this CD can carry me through until I get to see Rob for our salon date at 6pm.
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